Wednesday, April 12, 2006

e - demonstration !

You are a “political animal” (as Greek philosopher Aristoteles would have put it…) but too busy to demonstrate through the streets ? Well, since 1988 an American idea helps you get back into the political process via e-mail. “Move On” is a group of nonprofit organizations launching online petitions with individual comments, e.g. for a torture ban, against the Patriot Act renewal or against pro-corporate media ownership rules. “Move On” members may also raise money for social security ads or even coordinate a housing programme for hurricane victims. “Move On” claims to have over 3 million members across America, you can check for information. And guess what- the idea breaks fresh ground in Europe ! For example German activists Christoph Bautz and Günter Metzges, based in Bremen, have recently organized their own online network “Campact”, addressing their petitions to German MEPs. They are loud in their praises of “Move On” and they claim to have 6.500 news-letters subscribers. For more information just check