Wednesday, December 07, 2005


World première in January 2006 for the first TV soap-opera broadcasted exclusively on your mobile phone - probably on Vodafone 3G handsets, but we don’t know yet for sure... British production company Farringdon Road Films is about to produce this innovative television program adapted to the small mobile phone format, with short actions and extreme close-ups.
Remember that recently satellite broadcaster BSkyB and Vodafone signed a deal, giving BSkyB access to 250.000 “third-generation-handset” subscribers in exchange for allowing Vodafone to launch a TV service on mobile phones. Rival firm O2 has already launched trial TV services, so now it’s easy to enjoy CNN, ITN or Cartoon Network on the move, but just imagine TV content produced exclusively for mobile phones. I guess this idea has huge potential, right ?


At 3:58 PM, Blogger MonsieurCAVALIER said...

When I heard that American TV programs were being miniaturized and fed to cell phones coast-to-coast I thought it was a silly idea. However, the thought of a serial program being produced specifically for the mobile phone market is intriguing. It could be a whole new art form. Look for the following classes at drama schools near you: "Speaking in sound bites" - "How to act big when you're displayed on a micro screen" - "Performing ninety second Shakespeare for the audience on the go!"


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