Saturday, November 05, 2005


- Roma Virtual Network is a non-profit grass-roots initiative under the auspices of International Romani Union. It is aimed to provide the international Romani (Gypsy) community and friendly non-Roma organizations and individuals with information in variety of languages. Started in 1999, it contains 41 electronic mailing lists.

- Implemented and current information projects:
1. Net support of "Domari: The Society of Gypsies in Israel" (based in Jerusalem). Result: Affirmation and promotion of Israeli Gypsy organization via e-mailing lists, two web pages in cooperation with Domari Research Center (based in Cyprus).

2. Net support of RomNews Network (based in Hamburg, Germany). Result: providing clients with articles and essays on Romani issues.

3. Providing of informational support to Russian Romani families living in Israel with European Romani magazines and printed copies of articles in Romanes, German and Russian. Started in November 1999.

4. Net support of "International Romani Union" (based in Prague, Czech Republic). Result: Affirmation and promotion of IRU`s activities.

Some e-mailing lists on Yahoo:
( Source : Presentation by "The Roma Virtual Network")


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